Maximising returns from your HMO investment

We have been building and managing HMOs in Northwest London from a decade. Our deep industry connections, experienced team and matured processes enable us to deliver better return on your investment

Why our company is the perfect partner for you?

100% of the rent, 100% of the time

1 - 5 Years of Lease

Self Repairing Lease

No Void Periods

No monthly commissions or hidden extras

Awarded company

Looking for a passive rental income through HMOs?

Let us turn your dream into reality. From property sourcing to HMO conversion and then hassle-free, hands-off management of your HMO. We have got all of it covered for you

Our previous HMO projects

We have converted several properties into HMOs & are managing those in Harrow, Wembley, Watford, Brent, Ealing, Hayes and Hounslow areas.

How we make your HMO dream a reality

Our service is specifically tailor made for the professional landlords who are busy with their work but still want to add an additional passive income from the rent of HMO properties. We charge one fixed fee with absolutely no hidden costs

Property Sourcing

We believe that the real profit in HMOs is made “while buying the property” so we only target to source properties bellow their market value, Typically 25%-30% below.

Our team has converted more than 100 HMOs in London area. We are fully aware of several HMO Licencing conditions, which can even differ from council to council. 

Lot of properties we manage are procured by us in a partnership with our clients so our In house team is designed to manages all of our properties as if they were our own.

Why should I invest in a HMO in London area?

If you are investor living in or around London then we would never recommend you to invest in HMOs in north of England (Blackpool, Liverpool, Stevenage, Luton, Northampton, etc).
Our recommendation is based on following points:
- Transparency in property management
- Occupancy rates
- Rental yields
- Property appreciation

Testimonials & Partners

HMO in harrow recommendation
Trident Guranteed Rent did sourced, converted and is managing one HMO for us. I would highly recommend their service.
by Shiv Dhillon
Global CTO
HMO London recommendation
Aman and his team is managing my HMO from last 6 months. Rent is always on time, no extra ever charged. I would truly appreciate their service
by Atin Kapoor
HMO Southall recommendation
Aman sourced, converted and has been managing our HMO from three years now. We have already recovered our investment through the rental income. I am very satisfied with their service
by Sachin Singhal
Harrow HMO Investment
Hayes HMO Investment
Hounslow HMO investment
Ealing HMO investment
Watford HMO investment

Would you like to speak to an expert?

If you are seriously considering to have a secondary income stream through the rental income from HMOs then feel free to contact us. We love discussing HMOs over a coffee table.

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