When we say complete hands free HMO investment, We mean it.

From property sourcing to negotiating a deal with the banks through HMO conversion to property management. This journey requires interaction with several teams. We do it all from you.

Property Identification

HMO Architecture

Structural Engineer

Building Control

Builder Contract

HMO Certificates

HMO Licence

Finding Tenants

Managing HMO


Finding a below market value property in the right area is absolutely essential

We are always on lookout for the property. Our deep industry links enable us to quickly find the property suitable for HMOs. We only target the properties which could give very high rental yields in future

HMO Conversion

Do you know there is a mile long electric cables in each HMO?

It's easy for a builder to self certify themselves as an HMO expert but right from plasterboard, doors to windows. Everything is unique for an HMOs, the goal post which council keeps on changing frequently. With us on the job you don't need to worry about all this. We take 1 key a three bed house from you after you own it and hand over 9 keys to you of a electric, gas, fire certified, high energy rated licensed HMO. Bliss!

Property Management

HMO Tenants, Co-living has it's own challenge. Don't mention the neighbors.

We do a thorough credit checks on all our tenants and after they move in our team proactively keeps in touch with them and make sure all their issues are resolved before they escalate. We understand that the council does not like to see messy properties and is very serious when it comes to health and safety of neighbors so unlike many property investors we keep all our properties nice and clean from outside as well and keep regularly in touch with council inspectors. Council has always been in our side in the past when neighbours acted funny and made a complaint for anything

Frequently asked questions

If you are looking for an area name in this answer than I am sorry to disappoint you as there is no straight answer to this question, Most of the areas we operate in and around London are suitable for HMO investment. You need to check if the local council does not have a article 4 directive against C3 to C4 conversions and the rental yields in the area, If you like the returns then that’s the area of your choice. We do prefer to invest 20 miles from our office now as it’s easier for us to manage those properties. We do not prefer investing in properties up north of England as in the past we have seen several failures with those HMO project. Those all projects looked very good on the excel sheet but practically do not return as much money, lot of the HMOs there are making losses, as there is lot more supply there and very little demand

Yes, the property would be fully owned by you. We would just act on your behalf to manage the HMO sourcing, conversion and management process. If you do not want to invest in full for one HMO then we do give you an option to partner with us or any other investor for partial ownership of the property. This way you can invest in the property in London (Where you can visit it anytime) and which has high occupancy rates while not paying for higher property price here 

Once we agree on the price we stick by that, no matter what. We pay for all the cost overrun ourselves.

Sure, Why not. If you want to manage your HMO yourself or give it to any other agent then you can very well do it. There is no such binding contract between us.

Yes, Few of our investors in the past have gone through the same route. 

Yes, As long as it’s in Northwest of London. We can take on properties which are in NWXX post code to Slough in the West and Watford in the North West. 

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