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We have been buying, converting and managing HMOs for over 5 years

We started the company in 2017 to invest in HMOs for ourselves. Over the years we have worked with several council contacts, property sourcers, agents, builders, architects, structural engineers, suppliers, solicitors and several external consultants who specialise in HMOs. Few of those didn’t do our job as we expected and few delivered great results. We built our team by cherry picking the people who always stick by their commitment regarding time and money and can be trusted to deliver on what they promise. We have built the team, knowledge, contacts and experience over the years to take our company to the next level.

All our business has been growing rapidly through recommendations from our friends and families. It has kept us so much busy from last 5 years that we never cared to build even a website. Now, that we have more property deals then our investors can take on, bigger team who can convert those properties into HMOs and manage them we feel we can take more work from outside our first circle. HMOs if done correctly can lead to stable passive income, Our goal is to make more and more people financially independent through passive income from HMOs.

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Our values

We believe honesty and transparency is the key for long lasting relationship. That's how we have kept our business. 100% Honest, 100% transparent
We manage all the HMOs we build and that too while paying out the guaranteed rent to our investors so we cannot afford to cut the corners. Do It Right The First Time is our mantra
We do a very specialist work and to sustain high rental yields for our clients we work very closely with lot of specialists on daily bases to make sure we achieve our goals
Gone are the days when a small HMO use to give 30% returns. This market has 1000s of new players now and huge number of HMOs stay vacant now, being innovative is the only way to survive
Unlike lot of developers and investors. We never do anything illegal. All of our work is carried out by certified engineers and authorised by councils giving our clients peace of mind
High focus on our projects, Regular property visits, providing resources on our job whatever they need quickly, automated alerts of certifications, insurances and agreements make us deliver high rental yields to our clients.

Our team

Aman Sood
Managing Director
Aman Sood
Managing Director

Aman Sood is a property investor and has been in property industry from past 11 years. He has refurbished, extended, flipped several properties in the past. He has been working on HMOs and commercial properties since 5 years now

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